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Avon Charisma Perfume Rollette

Any Avon products we have listed as NEW, UNUSED, OR DISCONTINUED will have new and usable contents. 

On the other hand, our AVON COLLECTIBLE BOTTLES AND DECANTERS are sold as we have found them--some containing cologne, perfume, bubble bath, skin softeners, or other products that still remain in them.  Some bottles are still full (or appear to be full), while others are completely empty (or nearly empty).   While the colognes and other products in the bottles, jars, figurines, and decanters may be just what you have been looking for, we must warn you that, because of the age of the products and our lack of knowledge about their use, we cannot guarantee that the cologne, after shave, perfume, bubble bath, or other product that remains in the bottles and decanters will be usable. 

We have listed some products as probably being no longer usable.  On the other hand, we cannot always determine whether cologne, perfume, or after shave may be usableWe cannot and do not guarantee that they are usable.   We also cannot guarantee that the products will still have the same fragrance as when they were new.  We have not opened the bottles that appear to be still full because we did not want to expose the contents to the air and risk spoiling them, but we do not know whether someone else may have opened or used them before they came into our possession. 

The use of the colognes and after shave fragrances in the collectible bottles and decanters are at your discretion.  We are selling the decanters as collectible bottles, and the contents of the ones that are still full are an added benefit to you, if the contents are still usable.

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