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Original Record Prices:

How Much Did Records Cost in the 60s and 70s?

An inquiry about the original prices of records in the 1960s and 1970s got me to thinking about prices "way back then."  Everything was much cheaper back then - gasoline was 35 to 39 cents per gallon in the mid to late 60s; bread was about 25 cents a loaf; 45 records were about $1 each.  Stereo LP albums had not been available for very long, but of course, to hear them in stereo, you had to have the latest -- a stereo record player.  I bought a very nice portable stereo record player with detachable speakers and a built in clock radio for about $100 in the late 60s.  Stereo record albums were about $2 to $3 at that time. 

In the early 1970's the prices went up slightly to about $4 an album.  Then groups began producing double albums with 2 records in each jacket.  Add to that the fact that inflation went into the double digits by the mid to late 70s, and not only did gasoline prices double, but the record albums did, too, most costing between $6 and $10 each.  If you wanted to attend a rock concert, the price of tickets went from $3 in the early 1970's to over well $10 by the late 1970's.  (Keep in mind that I am pulling these figures strictly from my memory.)

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Vintage 78 Records for Sale

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78 Album - Nutcracker Suite-Tschaikowsky (SKU: 78-NtcrkrSt-Op71a)
78 Record Set - The Desert Song (SKU: 78-DesertSong-lb)

Record Sleeves and Supplies

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What condition is it in?


Children's Record Guild

M (Mint condition) = Absolutely perfect, never played, possibly still sealed.

NM (Near Mint) = Nearly perfect, no obvious signs of wear.  Sleeves or jackets and all inserts will have very minor defects. 

VG+ (Very Good Plus or Excellent) = Shows some signs of play wear, including slight scuffs or very light scratches that don't affect the sound.  Labels, sleeves, and covers may also show slight wear, but in general the record and its sleeve and cover were taken good care of.  

VG (Very Good) = Slightly more pronounced wear, such as surface noise.  Labels, covers, and sleeves may have tape or writing on them.  

G (Good) =  Significant surface noice and scratches, but the record will play without skipping.  Jacket and sleeve will be worn and may have a split seam, tape, lots of writing, or other defects.

F (Fair) = The record may be cracked or badly warped, and it won't play without skipping or repeating.  The label may be very worn, and the sleeve or cover may have water damage, be split on all the seams, or falling apart.  

Records on this website will be graded with the above codes after they are played.  Records that have not yet been played will be sight graded (SG) and will have the "SG" code next to the grade to indicate that the record has not been played.

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All records are listed on this page, but if you want to browse for records by year, the links are below.  Records are listed in categories from the 1980s, 1970s, 1960s, 1950s, and from 1900 to the 1940s. 

Also included on this page are all records for children, including 45s, 33s, LPs, and 78s, as well as children's records from all years and types, and all children's record covers that do NOT contains records.  Please click on the link and read the details before buying. 

The next section on this page is a complete undated listing of all albums, LPs, and 33s.  Most of these are listed alphabetically by artist, but some are listed by record title.  You can change the order of this listing by choosing to view the list ascending or descending by name, by SKU, or by price.  Just click on the "Sort By" box at the top of the listing. 

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On the left column of the page is a listing of all vintage 78 records currently for sale, as well as a section listing the record sleeves for sale.
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1980s RecordsRecords, albums, LPs, 33s, and 45s from the 1980s, including any records released after the 1980s (if any). Groups include David Bowie, Rosanne Cash, ZZ Top, Jackson Browne, The Police, Madonna, and many others.
1970s RecordsRecords, albums, LPs, 33s, and 45s from the 1970s, including popular singers and bands, such as Joe Cocker, Bob Seger, The Band, The Babys, Captain and Tennille, and Eric Carmen.
1960s RecordsRecords, albums, LPs, 33s, and 45s from the 1960s, including many popular groups and singers, such as Gene Pitney, Hank Snow, Sammy Davis Jr., Bobby Vinton, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Ray Stevens, and many more.
1950s Records78 RPM Victrola and 45 RPM phonograph records from the late 1940s through the 1950s, including 78 rpm recordings of popular songs and children's record sets. Artists include Pat Boone, Johnny Mathis, Gail Storm, and Guy Lombardo, as well as others.
Records from 1900 to 1940sPhonograph Records released from the early 1900s through 1949, including 10" and 12" 78 rpm records and record sets, albums, and Victrola records, including early Rodger and Hammerstein music.
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Records for Children
Vintage record albums and 78 records designed for children, including LPs, album covers, 78s, and 45s from the 1950s through the 1980s

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Barbra Streisand-Live Concert at the Forum--Album Cover
Living Legend of Eddy Arnold--Album Cover


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